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Custom Ear Products

  • Earmolds $100 each
  • Earmolds for power Receiver in the Canal aids $150 each
  • Earmolds for headphones or earbuds $100 each
  • Musician filtered earplugs $150 each (Additional pair of filters $60)
  • Sleep plugs $75 each
  • Surfer’s swim plug $85 each
  • Swim plugs $75 each (Custom add-ons additional charge)
  • Westone ES60 Custom In Ear Monitors $1499
  • Westone ES50 Custom In Ear Monitors $1149
  • Westone ES30 Custom In Ear Monitors $1049
  • Westone ES20 Custom In Ear Monitors $799
  • Westone ES10 Custom In Ear Monitors $499
  • (Design add-ons additional charge for all Custom In Ear monitors)