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  • Every hearing aid purchase includes:
  • 45 day trial and money back guarantee
  • 60 day exchange period
  • 1-3 year manufacturer repair warranty depending on model
  • 1-3 year loss & damage coverage depending on model*
  • 1 year of office visits at no charge**
  • 1 box of 80 batteries for each hearing aid
  • No additional dispensing fees
  • No re-stocking fees
  • No hidden costs
  • Loss and damage fees range from $250-$350 per instrument depending on manufacturer

Office visits include:

  • hearing aid adjustments/programming
  • cleanings, battery door replacements
  • re-tubing
  • wax filter changes
  • dome replacements
  • counseling services.
  • Standard service fees apply after first year.

In Office Services

  • Adjustments/programming for hearing aids purchased at BrightHear $35 per instrument
  • Adjustments/programming for hearing aids purchased elsewhere $75 per instrument
  • Ear impressions for use with outside vendor $25 per ear
  • Hearing aid check and cleaning $25 per instrument
  • Battery door replacements $20 per instrument (some models cannot be serviced in office)
  • Re-tubing $15 per instrument
  • Wax filter change $5 per instrument
  • Dome replacement $5 per instrument